Friend who just turned 21 sure to specify that this is their first legal drink

When Hamilton Jackson turned 21 Wednesday night, he took to social media and let the world know. A post on his Snapchat story featured a standalone picture of a mojito with the caption, “Enjoying my first legal drink.” The caption also featured a sly winking emoji for good measure.

“I just want to make sure people know,” Jackson said. “I’ve possibly had alcohol when I was underage. I went to parties and stuff like that and I don’t always follow the law. I think some of my good friends would maybe describe me as a bit of a bad boy.”

The freshly minted 21-year-old then turned to Instagram to really spread the word to everyone in his social circle. This time he took a slightly more subtle approach by posting the same exact post without the winking emoji. “I have some family members following me on Instagram so I had to play it a little cooler and hope that they didn’t pick up on the subtext,” said Jackson. “I hope the message got through to the rest of my followers though. This isn’t really my first rodeo, ya know?”

Jackson was also overheard at Brothers’ Bar and Grill making understated comments such as, “No it doesn’t feel any different to be 21. This is just like any other night,” and, “I already know my way around this place surprisingly well,” while laughing.

At the time of print, Jackson’s friends were reportedly very impressed with his prior life experiences.