Friends Liking Your Old Facebook Photos Laughing at You and Hate You









College-aged social media lifers dread one thing most of all on the internet: their friends liking their embarrassing pictures from early high school. Most who practice this unique form of internet shaming do it out of a sense of fondness for their friends. In your specific case, however, this could not be further from the truth.

Experts have confirmed that your friends are liking these old photos not in an attempt at good-natured ribbing, but actually because they are mocking you, a desire that stems mostly from their hatred of you and disdain for your entire existence.

“When I saw that embarrassing old picture of you, I couldn’t resist liking it,” said Dustin Argo, a friend of yours. “It felt good to humiliate you. I only hope that I was able to lower or destroy your sense of self-worth in some small way by dredging up past shames.”

Old prom pictures, pictures of you wearing embarassing t-shirts, blurry grade school graduation portraits, all feature a range of likes and comments from associates of yours, but all these associates are united in their desire to see you torn down.

“I’m definitely not liking these old pictures so that all our friends can say ‘oh, look at you! You used to be so silly!’ or give other displays of affection or support,” clarified Argo. “Indeed, I’m doing this because I hate you and only want to see you humiliated in front of your colleagues so that they can all hate you as much as I do.”

At press time, your friends were rubbing their hands together with delight as they discovered a series of embarrassing old statuses featuring references to severely outdated internet memes.