GOP Policy Of “La La La La, I Can’t Hear You!” Continues

Alan Graison, Republican Senator from North Carolina, said he prides himself on “fighting the good fight for America.” Graison is responsible for legislation in his home state of North Carolina preventing residents from driving go-carts under the influence of methamphetamines, an issue responsible for approximately 24% of fatal accidents in North Carolina, until the bill was passed in late 2005.

Photo illustration by Dylan Bliss

“I’ve never been the man to sugar-coat anything” Graison told reporters after the State of the Union address on Tuesday “and Obama has crossed the line this time. He’s so high and mighty. One day he’s trying to push legislation through, then when it doesn’t work, he tries to compromise? What are we, France?”

Graison expressed rabid distaste with the President’s claims, asserting the president’s fiscal policy is both too assertive and not forceful enough. “[President Obama’s] spending is outrageous, did you hear that shot about investments? Obama’s been flushing money into programs that aren’t doing anyone any good. No more people have healthcare today than they did 10 years ago, and everyone is, like, 5 times sadder.”

“And is anyone else tired of him pulling the “Bush” card?” Graison snapped, “yeah buddy, you got dealt a poor hand, we get it, times are tough for everyone, but any decent president would’ve turned it around by now.”

Graison concluded his post-State of the Union address, calling for his fellow Republicans to reach across the aisle and encourage all members of Congress to begin an old-fashioned shunning of the “‘Rouge Socialist’, in an effort to further the Grand Ole Party’s reputation of maintaining composure and influence while America is at its most vulnerable.”