Gross: Ricketts spent $1,000 on hotdogs at the World Series

Just when you thought the Ricketts administration couldn’t get any more disgusting with its spending habits, it always outdoes itself.

Sources inside Wrigley Field said Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts spent $1,000 on Vienna beef hot dogs at the World Series game seven.

After spending $300,000 on donations for a pro-death penalty group, it seems Ricketts isn’t done with his cash flow.

Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, was seen getting up from his seat and handing $1,000 dollars in cash to the nearest hot dog vendor.

“I was honestly surprised,” said Wallace Bennett, the 17-year-old vendor whom Ricketts made his request to. “I had to get my manager. I didn’t even know we carried that many hot dogs.”

Vendor after vendor walked down the aisle, passing hot dogs along to Ricketts, who gleefully grabbed every one. It seems his political power knows no boundaries.

Ricketts’ spending brought him nearly 200 hot dogs, which he surrounded his body with, pulling off dog after dog and gorging down on his new coat of frankfurters. Bystanders watched in both awe and terror as he downed hot dog after hot dog.

“I mean, he just went to town on those things,” said Roger Yates, who sat behind Ricketts. “Every time one accidentally fell on my lap, he would snatch it from me and snarl before turning his attention back to the dogs. It was brutal.”

The situation drew criticism from people across the state, accusing Ricketts of overspending. Ricketts, however, was oblivious to this condemnation.

“I love the Cubs, and I will continue to show my support to them,” Ricketts said as he chomped down on a fully loaded hot dog.

The rest of the Ricketts family was unavailable for comment, as they were too busy enviously watching Pete taking his fill.