This guy proves the Bermuda triangle is real by swimming 670 miles to it, disappearing

History was made on April 15, when Florida resident John Hemwick decided to take the plunge.

That day, he swam 670 miles alone from the coast of Florida towards the Bermuda Triangle to prove its existence.

On the way into it, he disappeared and never returned, showing just how real the triangle is.

“We haven’t been in contact with him since he dove into the waters and sprinted hard towards that mysterious triangle,” said Hemwick’s father, Paul Hemwick. “Once he disappeared–I bet around the time when he hit the 500-mile mark–then we knew for certain that the triangle is real, and it’s a scary thing to mess with. It’s the only explanation for what happened to my poor son.”

Other brave souls have followed Hemwick’s footsteps and tried swimming the many leagues of open water to the triangle from Florida, with all 21 of the swimmers eventually disappearing. All 21 are still missing to this day.

“We’re at an impasse, now,” said Miami environmental scientist Kimberly Waters. “We’re thinking about sending a swimming team to enter the triangle and study this phenomenon by figuring out what in the triangle makes people disappear–from trans-dimensional portals to ripples in space-time and strange slimy creatures carrying people off to their floating domains–but they’d mysteriously disappear like everyone else on the 600-mile swim there.”

So, for now, the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle will remain a mystery.