Guy With Guitar At Party Playing “Wonderwall” Again

The guy in the corner at the party is playing “Wonderwall” again, report party-goers.

The guy, who has yet to be identified, picked up a guitar that had been discarded carelessly almost immediately after arriving at the party alone shortly after 10:30 pm. After nodding to a few people and glancing in the direction of the keg, he pulled a guitar pick from his wallet and began to play opening chords for Oasis’s 1995 hit.

Following the completion of the song, the guy appeared to set the guitar down for a few moments. This was just long enough for a few guests to inquire who he was, who had invited him, why he was here, and when he had last washed his mullet.

After attempting to tune the guitar, he once again struck up “Wonderwall.” This time, guests report, he began to sing the opening lyrics, though he reportedly quieted down after forgetting the first line of the chorus.

This process continued for some time, and between each of his plays he looked around at the assembled mass, possibly wondering if anyone was listening or wished to speak with him. When no one did, he struck up the song again with slightly more force.

Following his 6th time through the, the guy left without saying a word to anyone.

The next morning, the party host was asked about the still unidentified guest.

“Oh, Geoff? Yeah,” he said. “That’s guy’s cool, I guess. Plays some good guitar.”