Heartbreaking: Herbie Husker asked Billy Bluejay to be his Valentine this year instead of Lil’ Red

Husker football season has been over for almost three months, yet heartbreak has struck the Huskers once again. This year for Valentine’s Day, the Nebraska Cornhuskers mascot, Herbie Husker, has asked the Creighton Bluejays mascot, Billy Bluejay, to be his Valentine, instead of the Huskers’ younger, alternate mascot, Lil’ Red.

Lil’ Red was shocked to hear the news of Herbie asking someone else to be his Valentine this year. “He’s been my Valentine every year since 1993,” said Lil’ Red, holding back tears in an exclusive interview with The DailyER. “I can’t believe he left me for that stupid bird. I thought our love was special!”

“You know, I thought it was time for a change of scenery,” said Herbie Husker on his Valentine’s tradition with Lil’ Red. “I see that baby face every single week. Football games, basketball games, volleyball games, hell, we’re even in the same book club. I just think it was time we see other people, you know?”

Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos tried to make the best of the Herbie-Lil’ Red drama in a press conference earlier this week. “This is obviously not the best situation we’re dealing with,” said Moos. “We hope that bridge hasn’t completely burned, but hopefully this can be a way to build a stronger relationship with our fellow Bluejay fans up north.”

For now, it appears the relationship between Herbie and Lil’ Red is over. Lil’ Red blocked Herbie Husker on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Along with this, Lil’ Red will no longer show up for any sporting events that Herbie is attending. Heartbroken, Lil’ Red was last seen in Woods Art Building working on a Valentine for Scott Frost, hopeful that he will accept and never leave his side on February 14.