Heartbroken man discovers The Cure

The period after a breakup is a confusing and depressing time. Whether it’s ending a friendship with a childhood friend or having a significant other leave after falling out of love, no one on either side feels good.

Charlie Evans, whose girlfriend of 14 months broke up with him, searched through a box of mementos when he found cassette tapes of English band The Cure.

“At first, I thought they were motivational tapes,” Evans said. “I grabbed the one that said ‘Disintegration’ because that described my feelings and I was blown away.”

Evans was in the third week of the breakup when he made the discovery. This was his first time listening to the band.

“When I’ve heard about The Cure, I thought people were talking about a medical cure because people always mentioned them whenever they were sad,” Evans said.

The tape started midway through “Pictures of You,” which Evans said made him cry as the lyrics reminded him of his former lover.

Rachel Dominski, Evans’ ex-girlfriend, ended things with Evans after watching the season 1 finale of “How I Met Your Mother.”

“I was worried about Charlie when I told him that I didn’t want to date anymore so I could pursue my dream as an artist, so I’m happy to know that he’s okay,” Dominski said. “If anyone sees him, do tell him to give me back those cassettes; I need to cry to them as well.”

The other tape in the collection, “Wish,” brought a different, happier tone for Evans.

“Robert Smith just has a certain way with words that makes me feel happy despite dealing with crippling depression,” Evans said.

Evans now walks around with bedhead while sporting eyeliner and red lipstick, imitating Smith’s iconic look.

The post-breakup depression is now cured, according to Evans.