Honors fraternity promises to party just as hard as cool fraternity

For most students, joining an honors fraternity is a good way to network with similarly-minded students, fluff out resumes and meet potential employers. Theta Delta Zeta, a new Economics honors organization is trying to add one more incentive for membership to that list: getting hella turnt.

TDZ hopes to erase some of the lines between honors and Greek fraternities and wants to make a home for students to increase their knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics and the economics of sizzurp.

“Honors fraternities kinda have this reputation as places where nerds congregate and do nerd things,” said TDZ Vice President Brett Darp between long pulls at the 40’s taped to each hand. “At TDZ, we’re trying to show that you can still be ‘cool’ and in an honors fraternity. Maybe even cooler than those jocks, they can’t even tell you about the effects of rent-control in NYC housing.”

After a recent meeting Wednesday night, Theta revealed its newest graphs, showing members that that given their current velocity TDZ could be invited to a cool frat party by the end of March.

This audacious plan for a group with members that party like gnarly Greeks but walk the paths of a stupid Geed has been met with controversy. Many students criticize Theta as “a lot of weird kids butt-chugging PBR’s on a school night.”

The members of TDZ counter these attacks by reminding critics that they’re preparing the next generation of bankers and analysts by teaching members both the financial strategies of Jordan Belfort and the horrible, life-destroying cool side of Jordan Belfort.

Mr. Darp thinks all of the attacks against Theta are ridiculous, baseless accusations by a campus that isn’t ready to accept the future and reminded the TDZ members “you can’t buttchug 40 recruits without making some enemies.”