How many of these inside jokes do you get?

inside jokes

Have you heard any of these inside jokes? Have one we missed? Let us know in the comments!

  1. You can’t eat those!
  2. Dogs aren’t allowed to wear shoes
  3. Cough cough sneeze sneeze am I right?
  4. I have no friends
  5. Back that crocodile out the door
  6. Sneezy wheezy bo beezy
  7. That face Cheryll makes when she’s thinking of cheating on me
  8. I have never been this lonely
  9. Uh oh cookies are out of the jar
  10. There’s a steak in my boot and it’s medium rare
  11. Are you Walter Grisby, the man who threw a frisbee?
  12. Death has never sounded so sweet
  13. I’m gonna take a permanent nap, if you sniff my drift
  14. Take a trip to turtle town
  15. It’s a spookie ookie movie that’s why they did it
  16. They say death is a lot like dreaming
  17. Bushido can’t pay the rent
  18. Make sure you put your harness on
  19. I want to dream