Huskers Dominate First Quarter Against Ohio State

photo illustration by Alex Wunrow

After a supreme 1st quarter effort that left Ohio State scrambling for answers, Coach Bo Pelini experienced the rare emotion of leading a football game on the road.

“It was surreal, looking up at the scoreboard after the first quarter and seeing us in the lead,” said Pelini. “I stopped paying attention after that, though. I knew there was no way a ‘Bo Pelini coached defense’ Bo Pelini could allow 28 points in the 2nd quarter.”

Pelini went on to pass out the legendary Blackshirts promptly after the first quarter came to an end. After that it was all good times and celebration around the state of Nebraska.

“I knew we had things wrapped up after the first quarter,” said North Platte native Norm Reynolds. “It was great; it really allowed me to focus on my drinking.”

During the Pelini era, the Huskers have had a penchant for falling behind early on the road, which is why the first quarter at Ohio State came as a welcome surprise to many across Husker Nation.

“For some reason I thought we were going to go out there and lay a total egg, like we did at Michigan last year,” stated UNL sophomore Josh Brinson. “But thank God Bo had the blackshirts ready for this one. I was afraid we were going to get embarrassed on national television.”

Though no one watched the second, third, or fourth quarters of last weekend’s game, it surely wound up becoming Coach Pelini’s signature win of his career.