I did noth have a shtroke, guysh. | By Mike Ditka

"The Mona Lisa"
"The Mona Lisa"

Sometimes life gives you lemons, but this is not one of those timesxdss.

I didn’t have a snrokk like ESPN reportedsdf. I was at home, eating my customary meal of fifteen steaks, and I decided to take a nap where I was sitting. You can ask my widfes and she’ll tell you the same; sometimes I fall asleep wherever.

She’ll also tell you aboutfr the twiitching I have when I sleep sometimes. They weren’t the telltale signsd of a strooke happening, they were liike a dog when he has dreams of chasing a car or somethiyhngf. Usually my dreams are about me trying to nit get tackled again! Don’t want a anoyher concussssion, even in my dreams!

You might notiice that my spelling isn’t the best righht now, but that’s becausrd I’m trying a new kind of styyle. A lot of yoiufn people writie this way on facevbook and twitter and I’m nothing if not hip.

Sparaking of hips, it’s noyt a a big sdeal that I can’t feel the ritght side of my bidy anym,ore. That’s what footbaklkl will do to you!!1 Youo goota pay the price if you want ti play the game.

I’ll atill be on ESSPN to help esxoplain football to you guys, don’t worrry. I don’;t remembers what time my show is on but if youh look ont he internet you;lll see it there I bet.

Thre point is that I didn’t have snoke. I’m doingfd totally fine with egvrything. Thanks for positiver messagese though, I appreciate themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm