If Only There Was Something Around Here to Help Me Relax

I’m still pretty new on the job. I’ve only been the attorney general for two months and I’d say I’m still learning the ropes of the job.

One thing I haven’t had to learn, though, is my unwavering fidelity to the law. It’s right, no matter what. There’s never any reason to question it.

In primary school the children would say, “Doug, why don’t you marry the law if you love it so much?” and I would respond, “I am trying although I am not yet the attorney general.”

That being said, Nebraska has a bunch of laws. It’s exhausting and stressful making sure that they’re all enforced, including my favorite ones, our drug laws.

I’ve recently been working on a lawsuit against Colorado, whose citizens decided to legalize cannabis. The state made a decision for itself that runs a different course than wholesome Nebraska, so something needs to be done about it.

Remember this: our way is the best way.

On top of this little project of mine, I also have to listen to our state’s police officers complain day in and day out about how busy they are keeping marijuana out of our borders.

All I have to say, officers, is keep up the good fight.

You would think that with all this that I have on my plate, the government would give me some more resources to work with, but the pickings are slim.

We should work on a way to increase tax revenue, but that’s outside of my area of expertise. I’m not really sure how we would do that

As you can see, there’s a bunch going on with my job and it’s driving me nuts. I need something to help me unwind.

Does anyone know what could help me out?