Just Coincidence Red Sox Fans Only Blaming Black Players For Teams Failures

Despite a string of critical injuries and issues with consistency among their white pitchers, Red Sox fans are sure that this season’s problems are the sole responsibility of the team’s African-American players.

“I mean, it’s not that I’m racist or anything. I have black friends. But if Adrian Beltre would hit the fucking ball better we wouldn’t be in this mess,” Red Sox fan John Altin said. “I mean, like, two weeks ago we were down by four, and there was a man on second and Beltre struck out. It’s just shit like that man, taking me over the edge.”

Beltre, who leads the team in batting average and RBIs, isn’t the only black player receiving criticism for his slightly below Hall of Fame-level play. Recent call-up Felix Doubront, who according to manager Terry Francona is doing a “surprisingly good job,” has also been criticized for not having an instantaneous “Joba Chamberlain-like” impact.

“Doubront hasn’t been the worst player of all time, I guess, but he sure could play a hell of a lot better than he has been,” said Sandra Smith, a lifelong Red Sox fan. “That year the damn Yankees called up Chamberlain they were able to make the playoffs, so why can’t Doubront be that good? It’s so disappointing.”

Red Sox Nation contends that it is not their racist attitudes that cause these feelings.

“We actually have too much faith in our African-American players. We just expect more out of them than our white players because we know they can perform better,” said Johnny Cox, a Red Sox blogger.

“This whole thing is just based on our respect for how talented they should be. Really.”