Kentucky Stops Recruiting Basketball Player After Learning He Plans To Graduate

Kentucky Head Basketball Coach John Calipari announced today that they have stopped recruiting high school basketball player Allen Johnson after learning he planned to graduate with a full degree.

“What the hell kind of person does he think he is?” Calipari said. “We don’t graduate players around here. They just come for one year and then leave for the NBA. That’s how it works. He must not realize that after that first year, the classes start getting kind of difficult.”

Johnson said that, while one of his dreams was to get into the NBA, he also had a dream of becoming an engineer, which requires at least four years of dedicated study at the University of Kentucky.

“I do really love playing basketball, but that’s not all I can do. I’m pretty good at math and I enjoy engineering as well. I just thought that since I’ll already be there playing basketball, I might as well get a degree, too,” Johnson said.

“ I know it seems a little odd, but I thought it would work out best for me.”