WIEBELHAUS: my lack of conventional grammar is an Artistic choice

Devin Wiebelhaus | The DailyER

i think grammar has become too imPortant in todays society and we instead should try to accept lESs conventional standards of grammar i believe the “rules of grammar) have limiTed free expression of artists and regular people alike

after worked in the business realm for such long i feeled like needed i to eScape the confining guidelines and rule foR ‘good” writing so can i express me truly with my feelings who needs proper punctuation in today society because texting and messAging instant has almost removed the need for capitaling & periods and even spelling spelling is something i try to keep because some wOrds are 2 close and sometimes confuse myself i when i reAd mY own Writing but punctuation i don’t need

people are get tired of following so many RuleS when they write we as a society nEED to be able to ourselves express freely moreso than under the tyranny of ap style and english classes in schools everywhere

i cant express freely myself when i follow The Rules of grammar And language and i dont’ think anyone can that do so i want mucher people to follow me lead

I believe i lead a new revolUTION in writinG and encourage people more to use grammar rules not and themselves ExpRess throuGH capital letter and maybe number and punctuate wherever want they do