Lincoln Calling Day 3: Desert Noises; Rock Paper Dynamite; The Kickback; Skypiper

Lincoln Calling Day 3, October 17, at The Bourbon Theatre:

Day three of Lincoln Cdalling didn’t seem to lose any steam, especially when considering the stellar lineup that played at The Bourbon. Featuring four different bands, The Bourbon continued the trend of delivering spectacular live performances.

First up for the night was Skypiper, a folky rock band with a hint of the blues. Not only did they display an amazing live sound, but their stage presence perhaps even topped that. Accentuated with the bands own light cabinets on stage, the visuals one experienced along with the band’s songs made for an unforgettable set.

The night only got better as The Kickback took the stage next, featuring a post punk sound with a little bit of just plain rock and roll. Kickback was perhaps even more energetic that Skypiper, as evidenced when the lead guitarist snapped a string during the final song, prompting him to throw his guitar as high into the air as he could. Kickbacks set went by quickly, but they were soon followed by the groovy ensemble Rock Paper Dynamite.

The fun thing about Rock Paper Dynamite is that they are reminiscent of classic rock, but rock that one could dance to, which is exactly what the crowd did. For almost the entire set, members of the crowd showed their moves and let it all hang out, making Rock Paper Dynamite’s set the most crowd interactive set of the night.

To top the night off, Desert Noises thrilled the crowd with some killer tunes. Desert Noises has that surfer rock vibe to their songs, and they look the part too. The set went on for at least an hour, yet audience members hardly grew weary at the end of it, which is saying something. Stretching to nearly two in the morning, one would think the crowd would get a little tired, but instead they kept dancing along til Desert Noises left the stage, ending a truly energetic and exciting live show.


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