Lincoln Calling Day 4: Hot Buttered Rum; Dead Winter Carpenters

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Things got bluegrassy in Lincoln Nebraska on Friday. Accentuating an already eclectic lineup of bands performing across five different days, Lincoln Calling brought concert goers a fine taste of the high tempo, Americana stylings of bluegrass, showcasing two acts at The Bourbon.

The first of two bands that took the stage Friday night was Dead Winter Carpenters. Opening up to a sparse crowd, Dead Winter Carpenters quickly turned up the heat, and within minutes the entire floor was filled with audience members dancing, foot tapping and grooving along.

Featuring a drummer, violinist, guitarist, banjo and upright bass players, Dead Winter Carpenters brought all the classic sounds you would expect from a bluegrass band. The highlight of the set was when the bass players for both Dead Winter Carpenters and headliners Hot Buttered Rum played together on the same upright bass guitar.

~By James Crowl | Seeds Entertainment

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Hot Buttered Rum with Erik on the steel guitar.
Photo by Annie Bohling | Seeds Entertainment

Hot Buttered Rum was certainly a highlighted performance of Lincoln Calling and the fact that they were the headlining band (all the way from San Francisco) at The Bourbon Theater on Friday night helps further illustrate that point.

Hot Buttered Rum is a favorite for bluegrass enthusiasts but their sheer talent and high energy attracts ‘outsiders’ just the same.

Nat of Hot Buttered Rum on the guitar.
Photo by Annie Bohling | Seeds Entertainment

The band consists of Nat (guitar, vocals), Erik (banjo, guitar, steel guitar, flute, vocals), Bryan (double bass, vocals), Lucas (drums, percussion) and typically Aaron (fiddle, mandolins, vocals) but in his absence was special guest Allie Krall of Cornmeal…

Allie Krall on the fiddle with Hot Buttered Rum.
Photo by Annie Bohling | Seeds Entertainment

…And a special guest Krall was. This woman is an incredible fiddle player and the crowd loves her because of her obvious skill in fiercely and passionately playing the fiddle (never straying from steadiness the entire show through) and because of her adorable charm (making eye contact and sweetly smiling at individual audience members; humbly bowing and thanking the crowd after the crowd praises her in amazement).

Krall effortlessly marries herself to the fiddle and in turn marries the fluidity of the fiddle into the rest of the music: Krall’s fiddle playing blends in but stands out amongst the multitude of instruments playing simultaneously.

Krall deserves such a mention as she was inevitably a star of the show.

Erik strumming the banjo.
Photo by Annie Bohling | Seeds Entertainment


Hot Buttered Rum is distinguished by a few major characteristics:

First, they are considered progressive or modern bluegrass. The vocals aren’t twangy and it doesn’t have a real thick hilltop sound, but the product is still unmistakeably true and merited bluegrass due to their pace, their instruments, and the way they play.

Second, they play a combination of diverse instruments so heartily that the product is loud, strong, cohesive and moving.

Third, the group has a lot of vocalists and harmonizing, adding extra flavors to the overall sound.

Okay, and, fourth, Hot Buttered Rum’s musical pace is incredibly fast. If you’re not dancing like a crazy goofball, moving however your muscles and bones feel like moving (because any crowd member here certainly doesn’t care what you look like or do), you’re likely staring at how fast these musicians can move their fingers on their string instruments.
Erik on the flute–an example of the instrumental diversity in Hot Buttered Rum’s set.
Photo by Annie Bohling | Seeds Entertainment

Hot Buttered Rum was a proud and happy addition to Lincoln Calling’s grand lineup. Their two piece set made for a long, enjoyable night even after Dead Winter Carpenters. Plus, the Rye Room of the Bourbon featured Dirty River Ramblers in the treat of an after-show set in which Krall joined the band impressively continuing her astonishing, powerful playing.

Hot Buttered Rum drew a crowd and specifically brought the spectrum of bluegrass-loving souls of Lincoln into The Bourbon on Friday. Whether a person is loosely, wildly, moving around on the dance floor, or sitting back at a table, tapping or stomping feet, this was an enjoyable and appreciated show for all.

~By Annie Bohling | Seeds Entertainment

Dead Winter Carpenters

Hot Buttered Rum

Dirty River Ramblers