Lincoln drug dealer expanding advertising to Snapchat

Yup, weed is still illegal in the state of Nebraska. Yup, people are still smoking it. And you know who’s profiting from it the most? Yup, mother fuckers who know the system. Enter Riley Tyler: Class A system knowin’ mother fucker.

“Ya see, most people in this game – the weed game, the game of slingin’ dope, the salad bar biz – think this shit’s only ‘bout being the guy who has it,” Tyler said, tokin’ up a fat bowl. “But it’s way more complicated than that. You need ta let people know whatchu got.”

And what better way to push product than advertising? And what better way to advertise than through Snapchat? That’s what launched Tyler from preppy white kid with free time to marijuana mogul.

“Cha bruh, I just snap a few clicks of these lil’ green nuggz on my story with witty captions like, ‘ayyy check it #hmu’ or ‘just do it! Ah ah ah #Nike #Weed #IHaveIt,’” Tyler said. “Works like magic.”

Since adopting Snapchat’s platform, Tyler has seen exponential growth in white boys hittin’ up his SC via blue arrow and is reportedly making, as Tyler put it, “like a lot of money, ya know? Haha.”

To the common person, this might seem like a highly traceable form of social media to be running such a business, and you’d be right. It is – it absolutely is.

“Nah, fuck that shit, homie,” Tyler said, scoffing as he fell back dramatically into his faded leather recliner. “Bitches ain’t gon’ track shit. I’m fucking El Chapo, bitch!”

Not sure if that reasoning will hold up in court, but who knows? As long as Tyler is pulling in mad straps of cash for the next few months, who could argue with him? Better yet, who’d want to?

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