1. Lincoln, California

Surf’s up, baby!

  1. Lincoln, New York


  1. Abraham Lincoln

He was the 16th president, had a cool hat and ended slavery. Easy choice.

  1. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

The fact that it took us till 2012 to learn that Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter totally dignified this for the #4 slot.

  1. Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

The Bayou, Mardi Gras and the Saints. Who dat?

  1. Lincoln Chafee

Democratic senator and failed presidential candidate. Really had a thing for the metric system.

  1. “The Lincoln Lawyer”

The true beginning of the McConaissance.

  1.  Lincoln, Iowa

Hey, maybe if they won the damn Heroes Bowl they’d be ranked higher.

  1. Lincoln Brewster

Christian Rock classics.

  1. Lincoln, Sweden


  1. ”Lincoln” (2012)

This might be an oversight.

  1. Lincoln County, New Mexico

Listen, I’m just trying to think of places not covered in two feet of snow.

  1. Lincoln Steffens

Man who invented journalism, we would not be here without him.

  1. Linkin Park

In the end, it doesn’t really matter.