Local band opens up for history of rock lecture

University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Jonathan Bilmer has taught the history of rock and roll course for over 8 years. It has been a favorite among UNL students after consistently being reviewed an “easy A” and requires no attendance.

To motivate students to show up to class this semester, Bilmer reached out to local punk band, Public Draft, to open for his lectures.

“What’s a better way to learn about rock music than by getting to see a live set every class period?” Bilmer asked. Public Draft, who have been together for two years, has had trouble finding their next gig ever since drummer Zac Voigt was caught smoking cigarettes on the UNL campus.

Before entering Bilmer’s classroom, students have to show their ID to the bouncer at the door. Students under 21 are marked with a black X on the back of their hands, indicating that they are not old enough to drink. For older students, this seems pointless as UNL is a dry campus.

“I get what professor Bilmer is trying to do, but the black X thing is stupid and is making me want to not show up to class,” senior biology major Bill Meyers said.

Students can earn extra credit by helping the band load and unload their equipment and by assisting with soundcheck. To complete the rock concert experience, Public Draft is selling merchandise after every class.