Local Customer Just Wants to Know What’s Good Here

The employees at Red Mango are reporting that local customer Matt Johnson just walked into their store this afternoon to ask, “what exactly is good here.”

According to sources the man didn’t have any idea what Red Mango even was, but thought it “would be fun and spontaneous” to just walk in and figure it out. Immediately upon entrance, the Red Mango employees said they knew he had “absolutely no idea” what was going on.

“He just stood around for a second looking at us and then looking around the store,” Elizabeth Stressel, a Red Mango employee said. “It’s like HELLO, we’re right here, ask us questions if you want.”

Sources reported it took Johnson nearly five minutes to ask any questions.

“In the meantime, he just walked around the store, staring at the yogurt dispensers and the condiment bar, and walking amongst the various tables” said Red Mango general manager Pat McBride

“I really don’t understand why he walked around the seating area like he did,” another employee, Peter Weizel, said. “He should have, at a minimum, known how the table and chairs worked. But no, he didn’t even seem to understand that.”

It wasn’t until Weizel confronted Johnson, asking him if he wanted to sample any of the flavors, that he asked what appeared to be a question he obviously had wanted to ask, “what exactly [is] good here?”

“Obviously if I’m asking if you want to sample things, we’re trying to figure out what you think is good,” Weizel said to other employees later that afternoon while rolling his eyes overdramatically.