Local Man Watches Women’s Sports for Fundamentals

Mike Pendergast is a very familiar face at UNL women’s sporting events. Pendergast, 43, has been at every women’s home volleyball, basketball, and soccer game for the last four years, and says he doesn’t see himself stopping anytime soon.

“I love watching these women play,” Pendergast said in an interview. “They just look so much better than the men in their games.”

Pendergast says he enjoys the fundamentals these women possess, which is the reason he hasn’t missed a single game in years. The players themselves have taken note of his presence.
“He’s always out in the stands yelling and whistling at us. It’s very encouraging,” Haley Johnson, a sophomore volleyball player, said of the devoted fan.

“These girls need me here to cheer them on and give them a slap on the ass whether they win or lose,” said Pendergast.

The 43-year-old also has quite a hard time choosing which sport he likes the most. He said he thinks the “talent level” is a bit higher in volleyball and soccer.

“I think it’s the shorts,” Pendergast commented. “Also the gymnastics team has those sexy-ass leotards. Great form. All of ‘em.”