Local strongman can bench press 350 pounds, that man is me

local strongman ray kydney

Last week local strongman Ray Kydney wowed everyone at the University Campus Rec Center when he bench pressed a whopping 350 pounds, an amount comparable to the weight hoisted upon Atlas’ shoulders.

“Who is this Adonis, this modern day Hercules?” the crowd must have thought as he racked on three sets of 100-pound weights and two 25’s to an already hefty bar.

Sophomore Gregory Hillman was in the crowd on that fateful day.

“At first I thought he was nuts when he stacked on 200 pounds of pure iron to the bar, but when he put on an extra 150, I was downright floored,” Hillman said.

“I mean, who is this guy, this demigod of raw strength and vigor? He is an inspiration to us all,” Hillman added, slightly teary eyed.

To answer this question in detail, The DailyER reached out to Kydney’s mother, Kimberly Goodhall to find out just what makes this Paul Bunyan of a man tick.

“My little Raymie has always been strong,” Goodhall said. “Why, I remember when he was just a boy he cut down a mighty oak with nothing but his biters.”

“But he’ll always be my little boy, no matter how unreasonably strong he may be,” Goodhall added

At press time sources confirmed that Kydney is a big strong man, not a little boy anymore and would like his mom to stop embarrassing him like that in front of his cool newspaper friends.