Look At That, Washington Has Already Corrupted My Beloved Tea Party By Libertarian Louie

Hello again my fellow freedom-protecting Americans.

I want to thank you all for loving this country as much as I do, and showing up last month to tell Obama how bad he was doing! I wish more of you would have showed up in Nevada… but we got the point across even without defeating the ultimate evil, Harry Reid.

With all of these victories you would think I’d be happy, but I most surely am not. Why is that you may ask?

Have you heard what our Tea Party winners have been saying? Rand Paul said that he doesn’t believe earmarks are destroying our country. He even said he would fight for earmarks for Kentucky! Disgusting!

And Rand thought I’d go out and buy his new book, “The Tea Party Goes to Washington.” I’m sorry Rand, but if you don’t think earmarks are the biggest reason America is in debt, then you aren’t a true Tea Party member.

He isn’t the only one, but if Washington can turn Rand Paul into Rand Kennedy then what hope do we have?

I don’t want you to give up my fellow patriots, it is just important that we realize what we are up against. This damn Washington establishment is just stronger than any of us realized.

Obviously we are just going to have to get more Tea Party candidates into congress. I know that the problem isn’t the Tea Party, it’s the “mavericks” like Richard Lugar, a Republican senator from Indiana who is leading the earmark-is-good foolishness. He is polluting the minds of our precious Tea Party winners! He is up for re-election in 2012, and we must kick him out of office, him and his evil partners who believe compromise is good.

The Tea Party is not about compromise! Did Thomas Jefferson compromise as president? No! Did Benjamin Franklin? I think not!

The Tea Party exists to show people the right way for a government to act, even if we have to shove it down their throats to make them realize it. It’s up to you fellow freedom fighters, to keep this going! It’s gonna take at least another two elections to change this government for the better.

I know you’ll stand with me as we show these Washington cronies that we will never let the government control us. Don’t let me, or America, down!