Love Library rededicated to basketball star Kevin Love

Love Library is a staple of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where students can go study, check out a book, get Dunkin’ Donuts and even take a nap. During midterm or finals, it is estimated that the library becomes populated enough to be considered the seventh biggest city in all of Nebraska. The importance of the library cannot be stated enough, and anyone who is elevated to its status is surely a god or goddess.

This is why Chancellor Ronnie Green made the noteworthy announcement that Love Library will be rededicated for Kevin Love, the All-Star champion big man for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The dedication ceremony is scheduled for January 20th, 2018, with an unveiling of a statue of Love and a plaque displaying all of his stats.

Green explained his decision rather forcefully, with the same pride and glee of the man who now represents this great library.

“Kevin Love’s play on the court is nothing short of poetic, yet powerful, and the versatility and confidence he asserts make him such a great player,” Green explained. “I cannot think of anyone else who better fits the attitude of this library.”

Reporters on the scene were not quite as on board with the rededication. Many were quick to point out that Love grew up in Oregon, went to UCLA and, by all accounts, has never been to Nebraska.

When one reporter called out Green for lazily linking Kevin Love to Love Library because they share the same name, Green was quick to counter.

“Love’s resume is enough to earn this honor: an NBA championship, 4-time all-star, three-point champion, what else do you want?” Green yelled. “I could’ve given this honor to Richard Love across the street, but nobody knows who the hell that is.”

Love’s official camp declined to comment on whether he’d attend the ceremony, but seeing as how the Cavs will be playing the Oklahoma City Thunder in Cleveland that day, there’s definitely a 50-50 chance.