Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to Feature Anatomically Correct Balloons

Officials at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade have confirmed rumors that this year’s edition of the famous parade will feature anatomically correct balloons.

“We think that America as a nation has moved to a place where it is comfortable with Snoopy’s ‘boy-parts’ and even prefers an accurate version,” said parade director John Thomas. “Rest assured, we have seen previews of the balloons, and it is a very tasteful anatomical display.”

Vegas oddsmakers have recently begun taking wagers on which balloons will feature the largest set of genitals, with betting revenue on Shrek nearly doubling that of all the other balloons combined.

Media advocates expressed concern about young children who may view the balloons while attending the parade, but parade organizers assured the public that admission to the parade will be restricted to guests 18 and over this year. A wristband system will be in place to ensure that no underage spectators are allowed within viewing distance of the balloons.

NBC, unhappy that FCC regulations would require it to place a black bar over the crotch of every balloon, refused to broadcast the parade this year. It will be instead be showing live footage of Matt Lauer eating turkey off of Plymouth Rock on Thanksgiving morning.

Because no other television networks would agree to broadcast the parade due to its explicit nature, the parade will be shown on HBO, which will sandwich it between “Game of Thrones” re-runs.