Man Reading “On the Road” In Coffee Shop Probably Some Sort of Intellectual

At a local coffee shop, student Calvin Shaw was seen reading Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” and looking, as other patrons described him, “pretty deep.”

Shaw reportedly spends his time here alternating every few minutes between reading intently and “just staring off into space,” his mind filled with ostensibly insightful thoughts and observations on the text.

“It looks like he’s just reading that book for fun, too,” fellow customer Kelly Bowen said. “He’s probably smart and, like, artsy, or something.”

“I would definitely consider myself a scholar,” Shaw admitted to our sources. “I’m fascinated by the Beat poets, like Kerouac, and, uh…the other one. You know the one.”

When asked for his opinion on “On the Road,” Shaw gave several powerful insights such as, “The…stuff in it is really good. The uh, the imagery. That’s it. The imagery is good.”

“It’s hard to explain. I don’t know if you’d get it.”

At press time, Shaw was making vague, seemingly thoughtful statements about “impressionistic writing” to another customer, who seemed to at least be trying to pay attention.