Man Unable to Stomach Thought of Eating Anything Without a Face

Reports surfaced early Thursday morning that area man Chuck Schooley, an avid lover of meat, became physically repulsed by even the suggestion of consuming any food that did not at one time have a mouth, nose and eyes.

The news first broke after Schooley retched into a trashcan for nearly thirty minutes upon seeing his girlfriend Jennifer McGinnis eating a quinoa salad at a local deli.

“I just got sick to my stomach seeing her shovel that horrible, horrible filth into her mouth,” a disgusted Schooley told the Dailyer as he bit into a medium-rare cooked double bacon cheeseburger. “It’s absolutely horrid that someone would put kind of shit in their body. We’re not savages, we don’t have to eat things that grow out of the goddamn dirt anymore.”

Immediately after the incident, Schooley broke things off with McGinnis, finding it impossible to live the rest of his life with someone who refuses to eat things that once had feelings and dreams of their own before their flesh was harvested for the consumption of more advanced beings.

“I just can’t be intimate with someone who has such little respect for what they put in their bodies,” Schooley said. “I don’t want to raise my children to think it’s ok to eat whatever they find popping out of the ground. I’ll hold myself to a higher standard.”