MC Obama Spits Budget Proposal to Nation

In a rare college performance last Wednesday, President MC Obama debuted his newest single at George Washington University. His latest track is titled “Budget Proposal” and is roughly 43 and a half minutes long. The song debuted was in front of a packed house filled with government officials and students alike–Obama’s typical cult following.

Photo Illustration by Dylan Bliss


“I still can’t believe we booked Obama,” exclaimed George Washington president, Steven Knapp, like the giddy fanboy he is. “This is definitely the biggest act we’ve booked at GWU.”

Obama came out with his usual swag, giving shout-outs to celebrity guests such as Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner before he busted out his dopest lines yet. The song garnered applause multiple times during the performance, though it has recieved mixed reviews, most of which have come from the Republican party.

“Budget Proposal” is perhaps one of Obama’s most politically charged songs, and it looks to be his biggest and most controversial hit next to “Obamacare.” It seems, however, as though nothing else he’s produced to date can top his first record-breaking single “State of the Union.”

It does not seem likely that “Budget Proposal” will be released on an upcoming album, but Obama has dropped hints about a split 7-inch with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the near future.