OPINION: This might not be PC, but I’m racist

By Uncle Terry

Look here pal, I’m a straight shooter, and I don’t buy into all this “political correctness” crap.  I’m a straight shooter just like our president, Donald J. Trump, I call’s em as I see’s em, and I see’s ‘em as I don’t like black people all that much.  Now yeah, I get that this isn’t the kind of discourse you’re used to hearing at your liberal snowflake participation trophy classes, but I’m not afraid to speak my mind anymore, because Donald Trump is taking America back to the good ol’ days when men were men,  white was right, and people like you were afraid of people like me.

Now look, I get that this might not be “P.C.” or whatever, but I don’t like the Black Lives Matter movement because I’m very afraid of any other race’s value being more recognized than mine.  Now, while All Lives Matter is a good replacement name for the cause, I don’t think it goes far enough. Now, it’s like I say’s, I shoot from the hip and I don’t mince words, even though it might trigger some folks with thin skin, so that’s why I started my own counter advocacy group called “White Lives Matter” on facebook.com. Currently the group has about twenty other really racist dudes with rebel flag overlays on their profile pictures of them drinking Bud Light with white text in Impact font along the top and bottom reading “Heritage but also a Healthy Mix of Hate in there too”, so I guess you could say it’s really starting to gain traction as a movement.

Ya’ know what though, and I know this might be too big of a red pill for your feeble lib-cuck brain to swallow, Trump isn’t going far enough with his immigration policies, as they’re proposed they are nowhere near extreme or prejudiced enough.  If I had my druthers we wouldn’t just be deportating illegal immigrants, we’d be deporting everyone I don’t like, regardless of whether they’re here legally or not.  And as far as the border wall goes: I think it should go all the way through to the center of the earth, encase the entirety of the continental U.S, and be domed with Sistine Chapel-like artwork titled “So Much for the Tolerant Left, am I right?” which depicts Donald Trump engaged in an epic battle with a fearsome many-headed serpent, with labels on the necks that read, Liberalism, Fake News, White Guilt, and Political Correctness, with each head more ugly and horrifying than the last. However, President Trump would not be afraid in this beautiful piece of art, as he would be wielding an incredibly powerful Broadsword I came up with in a dream called the “Cuck Slayer”, which has the power of dealing increased damage against people that aren’t accepting of my intolerance.

Next time you accuse me of illiteracy on that Facebook thread at 2 am, by the power of Trump I’m going to burn down your safe space, you liberal snowflake!