Miley Cyrus | Bangerz | Review

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Oh, Miley. Dear, sweet, Miley. You’re really very talented. You are. Your voice is beautiful, and you are becoming your own woman, with a sexy pixie haircut that I only wish I could pull off.

But why, dear Miley, did you name your new album Bangerz? Why not something…I don’t know…a little more descriptive? Less seedy? Something that reflects the woman you are becoming?

Don’t get me wrong; Bangerz was a lot of fun to listen to. It’s definitely not groundbreaking but it is catchy and even a little hip-hoppy. I especially liked “4×4” and “FU.” Both of these songs feature a country-style beat that conjures images of a saloon with swinging doors and Bonnie and Clyde. “FU” is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse. “Own My Own” is in the vein of Destiny Child’s “Independent Woman.” It’s soulful and even a little empowering.

The other songs are fun as well.  Bangerz is very much a breakup album. It begins with a song titled “Adore You,” which includes lyrics like “We’re meant to be in holy matrimony, God knew exactly why he was doing, when he led me to you.” However, this sweet love song is followed by the infamous party anthem “We Can’t Stop.” This contrast is slightly confusing. Lyrics in the songs that follow include “Drivin’ so fast, ‘bout to piss myself” (from “4×4”) and “It’s bananas like a fuckin’ ‘rangatang, bitch,” (from “Do My Thang”). The contrast between these two feelings makes the album less cohesive. However, it is not less dance-worthy. These are songs to belt out when you  find your True Love texting some side hussy.

Breaking up is hard to do. In “Stand by Me” you cry, “I pictured us walking to the altar, for better or for worse.”  And it’s nice to see that you’re working through this hard time, becoming your own person, and making music that is more than radio friendly. But I am worried about you and your “Love Money Party” lifestyle.

It’s going to be okay, Miley. Take some time. Get through this awkward post-breakup crazy phase. Take care of yourself. And keep making music for drunk girls to dance to.