Millennial openly admits to hating ‘Girls’

In a shocking statement last Saturday, local millennial Lisa Winter described her hatred for HBO’s hit show, “Girls.”

“I just don’t like it,” she slurred drunkenly to Stella Bower. “It’s too depressing, and I don’t appreciate its portrayal of young women. I actually can’t relate to them. They just don’t get it, and it really pisses me off. Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that out loud.”

Stella, who described herself as “Lisa’s ex-boyfriend’s friend’s sister, not actually her friend or anything,” was confused by the statement.

“Lena Dunham’s a genius. She accurately portrays what it’s like to be young, female and privileged. And I love her support of Planned Parenthood. She really tells it like it is. She’s the voice of this generation.”

Sources reported that Lisa is losing friends “like flies” due to her distaste for their favorite show.

“She obviously is afraid of realistic portrayals of women in the media. What do you want—’Two and a Half Men?’ ‘The Big Bang Theory?’ ‘Girls’ is raw. It’s real. It’s us. Lisa just can’t handle it,” said Winter’s roommate, Jennifer Zampnoli, who hosts weekly watch parties at their apartment. “The new season starts on January 11, but our lease doesn’t expire until May, so I guess she’ll have to deal with it.”

Lisa, who claims to be a feminist, voter and comfortable with her body, maintains her viewpoint despite the backlash.

“It just skeeves me out. I don’t like any of the characters. They’re all awful. Real life is full of awful people. Why would I watch more of that on TV?” she asked.

Lisa’s plans for January 11, when the season 4 premieres, involve going to bed early enough to avoid talking to anyone about ‘Girls’ ever again.