Mosquito behind on the times still carries West Nile

mosquito carrying West Nile

In an apparent lack of knowledge of current events, area mosquito Pete continues to carry the West Nile virus despite it no longer being trendy.

Following the Latin American outbreak of the Zika virus, known to cause headaches, fevers and birth defects, Pete’s peers wonder why he’s carrying a disease that stopped being relevant in 2012.

“West Nile was done being mainstream about four years ago,” said Jerry, one of Pete’s 1,874 siblings. “It’s crazy how behind he is.”

Pete defended his pastime as being culturally well versed. To him, carrying West Nile is no different than a music fan having a Nirvana record or two.

“There was lots of cool stuff going on in the 90s,” he said. “I don’t think we should forget about all of it. That would be irresponsible.”

Some mosquitos didn’t buy this explanation. Jerry explained that Pete’s carrying of the West Nile virus is about as current as humans sharing similar interests as their 146-generation predecessors.

“That just wouldn’t happen,” Jerry told The DailyER. “You guys had hardly evolved into humans by then. Do you get how behind on the times he is now?”

He added that carrying Zika has a number of benefits.

“There’s no way to treat it right now, so my impulse to cause human misery can be carried out unfettered,” Jerry said.

Additionally, he said it’s pretty nice in Brazil this time of year.