New Friendship Ends in Polygamous Love Triangle

The start of a school year is the start of many new friendships, but as we all know, making new friends can be awkward and uncomfortable. To start a new friendship, you must interact with other humans which can be difficult. There’s the bland introduction of names which you soon forget which is followed by some small talk. If you’re lucky, this person could be your new best friend.

Take a leap, exchange phone numbers. Take another leap, text them. Making new friends is basically platonic dating. Leap again and hit up that potential new friend. You can never go wrong with “hey, u busy tonight?” or the simpler approach, “we should grab lunch sometime.”

After that very important first hang-out sesh, it’s okay to delve deeper into the relationship. Try sending a riskier text, “I know we just met, but there’s this yoga class tonight… You interested?” You two are sure to be besties for the resties.

The technical term “girl flirting” is being used more and more often to describe the friend-making process. Girls always want to put their best foot forward, which essentially translates to hair flipping and being overly nice. Acting like anybody but your true self is also a factor in the relationship– I mean friendship.

Now you and that special person you met last week are joined at the hip and you’re starting to notice something strange. They seem to be checking their phone a lot when they’re around you. They aren’t really paying enough attention to you. Why would they need outside communication? All they need is the person they’re with- you. Right? Could there be someone else? Why would they do this to you after all you’ve been through together? And what’s that ring on their left hand all about?