Newest iThingy Best iWhatever Since The Last iDoohickey | By Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Courtesy Photo

So it’s about that time again. Apple has finally taken that next big step. Toward what? Who knows. Some call it total world domination, but that isn’t for me to say.

Sometimes I don’t know see what the hype is about. Every year we crank out the newest iDoodad, which inevitably does the same thing as the last iThingamajig but faster and prettier. Sure, every couple of times we sneak in a game changer, like the MacBook Air. Have you ever seen this thing? It flies off shelves so fast it doesn’t even need a DVD drive. Not to brag, but that little gem came out of my department.Apple has long been a source of profitable treasures like that. You know that classy aluminum casing? Cynics call it “environmentally irresponsible” and claim it “cuts into my arms,” but what the hell do they know?I have to say, though, this next iWhatchamacallit, the TV doodad. It looks pretty great. It’s got Pandora and Spotify probably, and I heard you can watch movies and stuff on it. I think through Netflix or Hulu or one of those guys? That’s kinda sounds like the old one, but believe me, this one’s way cooler. This guy told me you can go on iTunes and everything.If there was one thing you were going to buy next year, I’d make it the PS Vita. That thing is saaa-weet. But after that, I’d totally get the new iGismo. The fancy Pad one. The screen’s shiny, it’s got the cornea thing with the 4G through Sprint or somebody. The camera isn’t as good as the one on my Droid RAZR, but it’s still pretty great if you ask me.