Newman Center to start selling indulgences to sinning students

It’s no secret that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus is chock-full of full of liars, thieves and delinquents. Thankfully, a council of priests and missionaries at the Newman Center have come up with an ingenious plan to put this to a stop.

Starting Sunday, March 12, the Newman Center will be selling indulgences to students who have committed a sin in replacement of the sacrament of reconciliation, allowing students to buy their forgiveness from God. All a student must do is go to the Newman Center and tell a priest they would like to buy an indulgence; the priest will then ask the student to write a check out to the Newman Center.

Students will then be required to write their sins on the memo line of the check and return it to the priest. Newman Center officials said the process should be simple and easy.

Less serious sins will only set a student back $10, but mortal sins will run students $25.

Sophomore Richard Dunne expressed his excitement for the new indulgence program.

“I’m all on board with the Newman Center here. Rather than being sorry and telling my sins to a priest, I can just make a simple payment,” Dunne said. “I don’t have to sit one out with the priest and feel guilty telling him about all the horrible things I’ve done.”

Though this program has faced criticism from historians and protestants, Father Jim Michaels defend the program.

“This isn’t about the money. Both us priests and the students here at UNL are very busy,” Michaels said. “With all the crime and debauchery that happens on campus, the priests here are working around the clock reconciling students. This program is much more efficient and I definitely think God is alright with it.”

In an announcement made earlier this week, the council of priests has made plans to further speed up the indulgence process through Venmo. This new app will electronically forgive people of their sins. It is still a work in progress, but a big step for the Newman Center.