Just when you thought OBAMA couldn’t make another simple mistake, she’s done it again! Yes, it’s true Malia [middle-name unknown but presumedly HUSSIEN] OBAMA has botched a basic test.


This error, the latest blunder on her already shaky reign of terror since her time at Sidwell Middle School should surprise no one yet OBAMA continues to trick America with her patronizing appeals to high school girls. It’s time for OBAMA to grow up and stop going after the lowest common denominator.


Despite never seeking approval of the Americans she lords over, OBAMA is likely to continue seeking higher grades. Her enabling parents were recently caught boasting of “four-more years” for OBAMA.


Is America ready for four more years of OBAMA? I don’t think so. And just to prove how unfit OBAMA is for America, we sent out an example of the test that OBAMA “forgot to study for” to Congress and nearly 30 Republican senators answered it correctly. That’s 30 grown, Republican men more suited for four more years than OBAMA and almost 25 who didn’t use “Sorry, but I stayed up all night texting Joey” as an excuse for mistakes.


I think this speaks for itself. We tried to confront OBAMA about this little “error” but the office said “it was Saturday” and “Miss Obama goes to school here Monday through Friday.” Ducking your responsibilities again OBAMA?