Only Eligible Candidate Takes District By Storm

The sleepy town of Waverly, NE is never one for drama. With a population just shy of 2500, Waverly is a place where residents can dine, take in the occasional show, and retire in peaceful solitude. Recently, however, Waverly incumbent mayor Adam Frost has started to stir up some buzz regarding an upcoming local election.

“Adam’s always been a popular guy. Quarterback of the football team, debate squad captain, all-around good guy,” said Kyle Hart, Frost’s campaign manager and long-time friend. “As one of the young up-and-comers in Waverly, it was only natural that Frost try his hand at the local political arena.”

Frost’s tenure as mayor has included adding a Contemporary Literature wing to the Waverly Public Library in which the town’s unused daily periodicals can be stored for future use, as well as the approval of several small- to medium-sized parks.

“It was a natural progression for Adam to toss his hat into the Waverly political game. A lot of people leave and head to the big city, but not Adam. He knew he had to stay. Mayor is as good as anything else, I suppose. And he’s stuck with it,” Hart said.

The small Nebraska hamlet was ready for its first spark of political excitement in years when, one week prior to the first town hall debate, Frost’s only opponent, Maurie Seinhall, 87, passed away due to natural causes, leaving the now eight-term mayor unopposed.

“He could win by a landslide,” gushed Hart. 

“We’ll all be honored to work for Adam again, if he pulls out a victory. He brings vision and leadership to Waverly. Talk around the water cooler is that Adam might even run again next season. Fingers crossed.”