OPINION: I don’t agree with Pete Ricketts but I’d still let him [REDACTED][1] me

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Nebraska’s commander in chief, governor Pete Ricketts, has terrible opinions on just about everything. From his stance on abortion and same-sex marriage to his love of the death penalty and beyond, Ricketts is fiscally conservative and socially in 1958. But while Peter has many views that I could never get behind, I would without a doubt let him [redacted][2] my [redacted][3].

No one, conservative, liberal or Green Party, can disagree that our state’s governor is a total babe with the complete package. From his shining head down to his gigantic, throbbing, hot, nine-inch toe, Pete is one-hundred percent pure undiluted sex appeal.

When I see his beautiful face and glistening head appear on my television screen every weekday at 10:00 PM on my trusted local news source, 10/11 News, I can only think about one thing… Peter Ricketts’s [redacted][4] three feet deep in my [redacted][5].

My mind frequently drifts off to a scene in the governor’s mansion that I’ve fantasized about often. I am [redacted][6] and [redacted][7] to his mahogany bed frame. Peter is nearly five feet away from me, almost fully covered in a [redacted][8] bodysuit, a shiny “Choose Life” license plate strapped to his [redacted][9]. After stretching out his hamstrings for a full thirteen minutes and [redacted][10]ing up the plate, Peter sprints towards me at nearly fifteen miles per hour. He gains speed as he approaches me and [redacted][11]s the license plate into my [redacted][12] in a moment of ecstasy. Peter then continues to [redacted][13] me with the license plate for a full two and a half minutes of pure bliss, until he [redacted][14].

Peter, if you’re reading this, please respond to my emails. I long for the day when I can finally see my own reflection mirrored back at me on your beautiful glowing head and know that soon your license plate will be [redacted][15] up my [redacted][16].

1: talk with

2: talk about legislation with

3: family

4: legislation

5: state’s constitution

6: nervous

7: talking

8: business casual

9: car

10: shine

11: put

12: tote bag

13: impress

14: gets bored

15: filling up

16: car’s entire bumper