OPINION: Every day is as scary as Halloween when you have this many feelings

Halloween is the scariest day of the year. The fall holiday is fast approaching, and many are gearing up for the spooky season by scouring the Internet for the best blood-curdling costumes or rushing to theaters to see “It” for the third time.

I, however, will be satisfying my spook cravings with some good old-fashioned self-reflection. A simple ten minutes alone with my thoughts incites enough horror to last me the entire month of October, not to mention the 31st alone. Between constant anxiety over mass amounts of school work and tear-filled reminiscing of old people I see eating by themselves in public, my excessive emotions are an entirely unique brand of terror.

Who needs zombie makeup when you can’t stop thinking about what your ex-boyfriend is doing at this exact moment at a school six and half hours away?

I sure don’t.

Ten minutes of being subjected to my inner demons and you’ll already be walking away from the show, too scared to keep watching. Not everyone is blessed with a personal haunted house living inside their mind 365 days a year, but I suppose I was just one of the lucky ones. From happy, to sad, to scared and back again, my authentic human brain takes care of it all. With this many feelings, manufactured fright seems like overkill.

Happy Halloween!