OPINION: No, it’s okay, I only smoke crack when I’m drunk

Honestly, I’m really only a social crack cocaine smoker. I’m not addicted or anything. I only started smoking crack in high school because  my friends were doing it. I just wanted that classic look that you see in all the old movies and stuff, you know, of the cool, laid-back crackhead.

    I’m sure you’ve all been in my situation at some point. You know, you’re out on an all-night bar crawl with your buddies, you’ve had quite a few car bombs and suddenly you just really want to smoke crack. And everyone goes into the back alley of the bar, slumps against an overflowing, greasy dumpster and starts passing around a crusty old glass pipe. It’s really just a social thing. I’ve met a lot of interesting new people doing it.

    I almost never smoke crack when I’m sober. Well, except for when I see one of my friends smoking crack on campus between classes and I want to keep them company. It just gives me something to do before Spanish 201, you know? I don’t even do it everyday, except for the past couple weeks just because I’ve been stressed out about final projects and stuff. Sometimes I feel like there’s a certain stigma around smoking crack and people judge me when they see me doing it. But they really should only judge people who are addicted, because those people are totally gross.