OPINION: The film “42” is a great movie about Mariano Rivera by Paula Deen

It’s funny how the world spins sometimes, one day you can have your television show and you’re hotter than a hot fudge bisquict on a bitshering summer day, and the next you’re hated by everyone for using the N-word to describe a young hotel worker.

Now most of you reader are disappointed in the words I have used these past several months, and I am too. So for this past summer , while drinking a shot of honey with a hint of bourbon, I reflected on the words I have used and realized I was demanding a culture that actually very prevalent in our country. Just this past summer I listened to YeeZus, learned not to say the FULL name of N.W.A and watch the movie 42, which is actually a great film about the career of Marino Riveria.

Baseball is huge deal in my home state of Georgia, but in my home in Savannah I did not know baseball existed till the 1990’s because I was either too busy foot-smashin’ my peaches and/or chowing down on my home-made fried corn-on-the-cob, heck the only reason I go to Braves game is because the only place that will hire me is the Waffle House at Turner Field.

So when I heard they were making a movie about the nergo African-American who wore 42, I was intrigued by his story. When baseball would not let the BLACKS play, one black was able to rise above the hate and become a second-basemen for the Dodgers, AND THEN suddenly the greatest closer of all time for the Yankees. I mean, outstanding, no regular white person could do that, the feat is so outstanding that all of baseball retired his number, imagine that.

So I would like to apolize to all you black folk for saying such nasty words, after realizing the struggles of your culture and that most of you bought my food, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my actions are wrong. I mean, if one of you could play baseball for seventy years imagine what the rest of you can do.