Parents on edge after finding Husker basketball tickets in child’s Halloween candy bag

A fun-filled Halloween night for kids around the country turned into a nightmare for a nine-year-old Lincoln boy and his family. Reports say Cameron Jenkins returned home after a night of trick-or-treating with his friends when his parents, Bryson and Willa Jenkins, checked his Halloween bag for malicious items, like razor blades and needles. While no sharp objects were found, Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins found something even more disturbing: a pair of Nebraska men’s basketball tickets.

“When I found the basketball tickets, I was absolutely appalled,” said Bryson. “I’ve heard stories of creeps putting razors in chocolate bars and stuff like that, but I’ve never heard of anyone doing this. What kind of monster would put Husker basketball tickets in a child’s Halloween bag? Like, I could understand football tickets or softball tickets as, like, a mild prank, but Husker basketball? I sure hope they find the low-life who did this to my kid.”

When asked for comment on the situation, Willa echoed most of what her husband said. “Last year it was ‘Communist Manifesto’ pamphlets and now it’s Husker basketball tickets?” said Willa. “Even worse, it’s the Kansas game. No child, even no adult, should have to sit through that kind of torture. I think I would have been happier to find a weed-laced lollipop. We may have to trick-or-treat in a different neighborhood next year, or even move to a different town! One that cares about the community by providing at least a halfway decent basketball team to root for.”

Lincoln Police chief Michael Patriot says the incident is still under investigation. “We have received several reports of dangerous objects being found in Halloween candy bags,” said Chief Patriot. “Parents have found things such as a half-empty bag of raw cane sugar, a boxed set of Insane Clown Posse CD’s and a ‘Visit Iowa’ brochure. We will do everything in our power to catch the criminals who were handing these things out.”