Pervert Report: Pornography Debate Ruined By Lack Of Naked Lesbians

Local Pervert Steven McPhilbin reported that a recent pornography debate he saw on the internet was ruined by the complete absence of naked lesbians. Misled by a link that stated the pornography debate would be debated between some hot, young, naked girls, McPhilbin was disappointed to find it sent him to a YouTube clip of an academic debate on the merits, or lack thereof, of pornography.

McPhilbin watched the debate for nearly five minutes before deciding that there “definitely” wasn’t going to be any hot, young lesbian action.

“I gave it a full five minutes, because I’ve seen pornos that go for five minutes before getting to the good stuff, but after that I was done with it,” McPhilbin said.

Because he didn’t feel that the Pornography debate reached its full potential, McPhilbin said he decided to leave a comment for the host of the video telling her the debate would be much more useful if it included “lots of young naked women making out and doing dirtier stuff.” McPhilbin’s comment also noted that a pornography debate couldn’t be useful if it didn’t “at least contain some milder pornography.”

His comment was swiftly deleted by feminst19, the Youtube channel name for the individual responsible for hosting the video, who then changed the name of the video to “Respectful Debate on the Horrendous Activity Known as Pornography.”