Pitbull decides to legally change first name to “Featuring”

Mr. Worldwide himself, otherwise known as Pitbull, announced on Twitter that he was going to change his first name to “Featuring.”

“After much help and support from my family, I’ve decided that I’m going to begin performing as Featuring Pitbull,” the rapper tweeted this morning.

The Artist Formerly Known as Pitbull has been known for being featured and having featured artists on many hit singles, including Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Ke$ha and Shakira.

“It just makes sense, you know?” said Featuring, in an exclusive DailyER interview.

“I mean, it’d just make titling the song easier I think. Most of these songs are mine; I’m not even the featured artist. But I guess I just kind of give off the vibe that I just crashed into the song unexpectedly.”

Featuring has also made the decision to never record another song without another artist in the track.

“I get really nervous,” Featuring said. “I don’t think my raps have enough strength to carry the entire song. I mean, how many songs about hooking up, money and weak metaphors can I make? I need these singers.”

Featuring also opened up about his problems with his insecurity.

“It’s why I wear the sunglasses, man,” Featuring said. “I can’t stand for these singers to see my eyes as I ask them to be in my songs. There’s too much sadness. And that’s not all. I switch between English and Spanish during my raps because I get nervous. And that lip trill I do before every verse? It’s a nervous tic.”

Despite his personal problems, Featuring is positive about his future and is trying to improve himself.

“This is the first step. Mr. Worldwide don’t give up that easy.”