Point/Counterpoint: Graduation

Matt Knapp | The DailyER

Point: We may be graduating, but learning never ends

Well, it’s finally here. The last month of college for the class of 2017. For some of us, it means heading to graduate school or some other program to continue their education, but for most, it’s our turn to take on the world.

With a degree in our hand and a fire in our hearts, we’re going to prove all the skeptics wrong in the most beautiful way possible: with love, courage, drive and intelligence.

It’s easy to be intimidated. Generation X wants you to get in line and take the same path they did. They’ll call you lazy. They’ll call you entitled. But the fact is, they’re scared of you. They’re scared of who you are and what you’re destined to be. What they’ve learned in on-the-job training pales in comparison to your skills and intuition. And you know what? Maybe they’re right. They should be scared.

It’s up to you to be that person they’re scared of. Life is too short to get in line. Start a new line instead.

Gabe Cohen | The DailyER

Counterpoint: I stopped paying attention 3 years ago

Matt is seriously such a try-hard. I haven’t went to class since like February, and that was because we had a midterm. I just don’t see how a guy who’s been in college for six years supposedly knows so much about our destiny and potential.

What kind of older people is he talking about? I worked with plenty of older employees at my internships and got along with them just fine. One of them offered me a job in May, and my dad wants me to work for his company some day. Yeah, real scary.

Listen dude, they weren’t joking when they said “C’s get degrees.” I’m not trying any harder than I have to. And for what, anyways? So I can walk around with a hood and meet Ronnie Green? I liked Harvey more.

Besides, we’re all fucked anyways.