Political savant just blasting dumb opponent with Huffpost articles


Some people spend an entire lifetime preparing for that special moment when they can rip into a political opponent with the best, most accurate and super objective information.

Luckily, Nathaniel Zeke only waited 20 years for that perfect moment.

Yesterday, while posting vital Election 2016 comments on Facebook, Zeke, a sophomore English major and political savant, found something ready to be pummeled to bits with his flawless logic. One of his Facebook friends, junior computer science major Adam Frank, made a post about the Republican presidential candidates, writing:

“I think Rubio made a few good points last night, honestly. I think he knows a bit about what to do, more than Trump and Cruz. Personally, I think I’d vote for him over anyone, even Clinton or Sanders, but who knows. Politics are funny, aren’t they?! Lol #thinkingaboutpolitics.”

Zeke, being the super-human genius that he was, felt enraged by such stupidity.

“Only an arrogant, horrible, judgmental piece of scum would post something like that,” Zeke said, preparing to unleash his wrath. “I have to do something about this; I just can’t stand idly by.”

So began Zeke’s preemptive strike on the numbskull. First, Zeke blasted HuffPo article after HuffPo article onto Frank’s feed, sharing unquestionable columns and features that surely demolished any resistance from the moron. Then, he made sure to make intelligent comments along with his holy Huff-scripture, making eloquent remarks against not only Frank’s opinions, but also his dress, heritage and even GPA.

“I simply annihilated that man,” the smiling political intellect said.

In the end, Zeke reigned victorious. After sending more HuffPo links, as well as some Washington Post links, the cowardly, pea-brained Frank stopped Zeke’s torrent by blocking his Facebook page.