Professor cool even though he doesn’t cuss

cool professor

Breaking the rules that he typically uses to evaluate professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, freshman journalism major Dave Banks decided his new photography professor is cool despite the lack of profanities carelessly tossed around in lecture.

“One thing I love about college is how there aren’t any rules,” Banks said. “Professors can cuss whenever they want to, which I think is pretty dope.”

Professor Nick Stuart, Banks’ instructor, does not have a reputation for using expletives while covering course material, but he makes up for this deficiency in other ways.

“Nick never fuckin’ cusses, but he’s always super chill,” Banks said. “So yeah, I’d say he’s a pretty cool dude.”

Stuart rarely asks the class questions during lecture and conducts all of his quizzes on Blackboard. Both of these, among other things, were reasons Banks cited for Stuart’s chillness.

“He takes attendance which sucks, but I basically just have to sit there and I can doze off or read theChive,” Banks said. “I don’t have to say shit.”

“Cheating on the reading quizzes is easy too,” he added. “That old dude is awesome.”

When pressed for the reason he doesn’t cuss in class, Stuart offered little explanation.

“I guess I don’t have a solid ‘no cussing’ rule I follow, it just isn’t something I would naturally do,” the 61-year-old professor said. “It just doesn’t strike me as something that would come up in the professional tone I try to strike.”

Stuart did not realize that he was missing out on positive RateMyProfessors reviews from a wide section of the student body, but didn’t seem fazed by losing the input.
“Don’t tell anyone I said this, but Banks seems like a real idiot and I don’t care much about what he thinks.”