Professor hosts “League of Legends” server to boost online office hours


Have you ever dreamed of annihilating one of your professors in “League of Legends”? If you take a nutrition science course, you might just have the chance.

Nutritional science professor Timothy Potts noticed a lack of attendance for his online office hours in past semesters, so he took to the gaming world in an attempt to fix that problem.

Potts made the decision to host a “League of Legends” server due to his prior experience with the game.

“I’ve been playing it pretty casually ever since it got big,” Potts said. “I like to alternate Fiddlesticks and Galio as my mains. Nobody really expects it so I have the element of surprise.”

Edward Nelson, a graduate teaching assistant to Potts, said he and other TAs occasionally join the professor to “pwn n00bs [sic].”

“Professor Potts has his GTAs help him out on the server if he comes across a student that’s actually good at the game,” Nelson said. “I act as a support most of the time. This other GTA, Grant [Liebowitz], he usually plays as a jungler [sic] and Aralynn [Prokop] likes to be a mage.”

Liebowitz said he’s confused by the professor’s champion choice.

“Those characters absolutely suck. I’ve never met anyone, in real life or online, that mains those two. It’s just so weird.”

Prokop says the obligation to play “League of Legends” as part of her GTA program cuts into her regular gaming schedule.

“Most nights I just want to play DoTA, but how am I supposed to keep my skills up in that when I have to spend four nights a week rushing mid or ganking [sic] low?”

Potts has posted the link to his server on his classes’ Blackboard pages. He said details about the server, involving operating hours and potential extra credit opportunities, are easily accessible to every one of his pupils.

“It’s in the syllabus.”